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I have moved my very favourite posts over to the new blog. This tumblr will now become a place for me to post individual images, making it easier for you to reblog and share my work. There will no longer be photo diary posts or photo sets posted here, but I hope you will follow my new blog on bloglovin or watch my Facebook page for updates. I promise to keep posting lots of inspiring stuff on this blog, and answering your questions too!



(continued) Don’t stress too much about what others think about University (including me!) it might be the perfect path for you, especially if you are still learning because you will be able to take away some valuable lessons. As for the ATAR requirement, when I applied for the university it was a two stage application process. First you were to write an essay and send some 5x7 prints of your work, and if you passed that round you were asked to go to an interview with a portfolio of your work and sell yourself to the lecturers. No one in my year was there because they thought it would be easy! They were extremely talented and passionate photographers, some of whom would not have had the ATAR to get in this year if they were to apply. And I think thats really sad but it’s life!

 I was an already advanced photographer, and the lessons I wanted to learn (studio lighting and fashion) were only slightly touched on in the first two years I was there. I wasn’t going to waste my time on a third year when I could go out and learn in the real world and learn quickly (: But they do teach lots of other valuable things that I think you would benefit from! xx

Hi love!

I’ve never had that problem before, infact, when I changed from jpeg to raw I saw a big improvement in the overall quality of my images. Check what program you are processing your raw files with, sometimes this can cause a few hiccups. I use lightroom and it’s fantastic. xx