a photo diary
a photo diary
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i create my wildest dreams in a tangible form.






dance like no one is watching.

model: lily josephine


I have been so happy. Truly, unconditionally happy. I am spending time enjoying life and having tea parties! For this blogpost I am using a using a mixture of iPhone pictures and my fujifilm!

February was filled with sunset walks with music inspiring my soul.

I now have a new creative space where I go to work each day. So many possibilities and so much creativity flowing! This was before any decorating took place.

I wanted a little plant for my new desk, and so I got to work making a terrarium.

Happy little guy sitting on my desk.

Days spent working hard. There is still a lot of decorating to be done!

For my Mama’s birthday we travelled to Narooma where my Step Father is getting their home and new cafe ready. They will be moved up there permanently in early 2015!

We caught a plane at dawn and then drove the three hours from Canberra to Narooma through the misty mountains.

On arrival we stopped by the cafe so I could see it for the very first time and to say hello! This is the back of the cafe overlooking the fields and lake with sweet, cozy hotel rooms.

Reggie was happy to see me after all this time.

Sunset walks around my parents property. Three acres of natural beauty and so many flowers.

At dusk every evening, at the very same time, thousands of bats fly overhead. I was mesmerised.

My parents new baby bulls, adopted with love and saved from slaughter. They are opening a little bull sanctuary out the back of their cafe so that bulls can live fat and happy!

Milky moustache kisses.

Macca the alpaca.

And bully the goat.

On my Mama’s birthday we took a picnic to our favourite lake. Lots of yummy cheeses from the cafe and sunshine to warm our skin.

I threw in the fishing line but no luck! We just fish for catch and release.


On our way home back through the mountains we stopped to explore the neighbouring towns.

Window watching.

We arrived to the airport at dusk. I felt like a queen while we were in the Qantas Lounge… all the food you could dream of (lots of veggie options), any drink you could name, magazines to read, comfy chairs and all for free!

Home by the seaside.

Shooting an exciting new project for Kelsey!

And a wonderful picnic with pony anarchy! Life is beautiful.

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